Deep thoughts

The more my body acclimatizes to the heat here, the colder our shower gets. My shower this morning was officially colder than a witch’s teat. I’m sure it builds character. On the upside, I now sweat less when I move, eat, and breathe.

Work is going pretty well. We’ve finished our preliminary round of interviews with the department heads. In total, we’ve spoken with Micro Credit, Malaria, Legal Aid, Home Based Care, Street Side Schools, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and we’ve had extensive meetings with Norbert, one of the directors of Faraja. This coming Saturday will be the monthly Play Day that Faraja puts on for the kids with HIV that they work with. Lonny and I are invited, and it should be a fun day. I think we’ll also get a chance to speak a bit with the kids about Faraja’s work with them.

Everyone here has been really helpful. Not only the folks at Faraja, but anyone you meet on the street as well. A man explained to me yesterday that Tanzania’s first president made it a priority to ensure that Tanzania was the friendliest country in the world. I think he succeeded.

Next weekend we’re planning to get our game drive on and go see some animals in a nearby national park. And the weekend after that, Maasai Market! And then that’s it. Time is going pretty fast here. We’re already 1/3 of the way through our project.

We got the door to our room fixed today, which is exciting. A couple days ago I literally ripped the handle right off the door, which is odd because I don’t think we’ve had spinach once since I got here. So during the day we McGyvered it shut using a sock, a key, and tape. It’ll be nice to not have to deal with that anymore.

Our now-working wireless modem has been a lifesaver. It means we don’t have to go to the internet cafe every day. It seems like every cafe in Morogoro is just teaming with viruses. I’ve seen cleaner bills of health at a Pussycat Dolls concert. Lonny has already had to format his flash drive once. I’ve been alright so far, but my anti-virus is working overtime.

Yesterday some kids were using a couple of old tires as a springboard on the street outside our house. I’ve included a couple pictures here. Other pics include our trip to Chamwino (the poorest area in Morogoro), the local barbershop where I get shaved once a week, one of the Keepi-Lefti’s (roundabouts, seriously) in town, a pic from a visit to our friend Baisa’s crib, and another shot of the Mosque across the street. Enjoy.

Thought of that day:

If you know a Japanese person with the fairly common surname of “Kumamoto”, don’t let them visit East Africa. In Kiswahili, that name roughly translates to “fiery vagina”.

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