Parting thoughts for Morogoro

I may be tempting fate by saying this with 4 days before I fly home, but when I die, they should bronze my stomach and put it on display in the Smithsonian. Stats:

  • Trips to Africa: 2
  • Total time spent (in months): ~4
  • Countries visited in that time: 4 (6 if we count airports)
  • Instances of even the smallest stomach issues: 0

So while I’ve escaped Scot free so far, I did get a good look at Malaria last night as Azzim has a pretty bad case of it. It’s not pretty, but I think he’ll be fine.

I leave for the bus station in about an hour for Dar es Salaam. I’ll miss Morogoro and everyone I’ve met here. A month isn’t long enough to get restless in a place. But it’s time to go I guess.

Oh, I found Obama chewing gum at the local shop. Obama should run for president here. Hell, he could run as “dictator for life” and still be elected around these parts. I’ve seen Obama brand gum, pants, pens, soap…pretty much anything you can think of. The gum tasted less like freedom and reform than I thought, and more like strawberry. Perhaps fittingly, the flavour didn’t last very long.


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